Ruby Spa

nurture the body, mind and spirit

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Ruby Spa encompasses one single and two double treatment rooms that are dedicated to a customised programme of Zen healing and wellness practices. A menu of ancient inspired rituals is delivered using modern expertise to nurture the body, mind and spirit.

Named after one of the world's most precious stones, Ruby Spa is elegantly alive and is devoted to the delivering the finest treatments using pure and fresh products. Therapists are trained in the intuitive art of touch to deal with depleted energy levels and the adverse effects of leading a busy lifestyle.

Reiki Healing, art of touch

Therapists at Ruby Spa have been initiated by a reiki master to use the art of touch to promote healing and restfulness. Reiki involves the transfer of universal energy through a hands-on healing technique. The word rei means "god's wisdom or a higher power" and ki is "life force energy". Therefore, reiki refers to "spiritually guided life force energy". During this treatment, you benefit from feeling deeply relaxed.

Therapeutic Healing

Bali is blessed with incredible healers and masters who can on your mind, body and consciousness. These practitioners are passionate about their craft and have spent years self-training to cultivate their modalities. Every healing experience is tailored to your specific needs. Please book your treatment at least 24 hours in advance.