The Exquisite marble finishes for all units’ bathroom are now unveiled

(Canggu- 29 May 2024) Located in the beautiful heart of Canggu, Bali, Ametis Villa has undergone upgrades to enhance overall experience after two years of planning and executions with meticulous attention to detail.

The terrazzo floors and walls in the bathrooms have been replaced with luxurious marbles, each offering a unique ambiance. Additionally, the high-tech TOTO NEOREST toilets and high-speed ionic hair dryers have been introduced to elevate comfort and convenience.

To cater to the needs of tech-savvy travelers, universal sockets and USB ports have been installed throughout the villa, ensuring easy access to power for all gadgets.

The villa has also undergone garden redesigns. Some gardens now embrace a zen-inspired aesthetic, creating a tranquil and minimalist atmosphere. Meanwhile, other villas maintain their tropical garden concept, showcasing the natural beauty of the surroundings.

One of the Premiere Villas now features an indoor-inspired bathroom, which not only addresses the request for a “Cool bathroom” in the tropical weather but also helps to minimize the presence of tropical bugs like mosquitoes and humidity.

Furthermore, the last five units at the back of the villa premises, have completed the replacement of their living floors and powder rooms with marble finishes. In addition, some units have upgraded their kitchenettes with IH cooking heaters, replacing the previous gas cooking burners.

In addition to the building renovations, the amenities will also be gradually upgraded. The first phase of the project involved replacing all the cutlery and chinaware with top luxury brand Charles Millen, giving the units a luxurious feel.

The property owner has been carrying out upgrading renovations on the building since March 2022 right after pandemic, as the property is expected to remain operational for another 10 years. Their goal is to provide the highest quality accommodation and service, catering to the hotel’s high-end market segment, as well as is a proud partner of Serandipians, a network of luxury travel agencies that specializes in creating unique and tailored travel experiences for their clients in 74 countries worldwide.

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