Ametis Villa – Bali is Opening a New Dining Venue, Billy Ho by Will Meyrick


11th February 2019

Canggu, Bali Ametis Villa Bali, a luxury lifestyle villa announces the opening of new dining venue, Billy Ho on Wednesday, 13th February 2019, that will delight diners seeking the authentic tastes and flavours of ‘home’ style cuisine from across Asia, the real feel of a kitchen table experience where the diner enjoys the culinary creation almost directly from the chef’s pan.

Dishes on the menu are sourced from the Will Meyrick’s own notebooks, made on travels throughout Asia, a collection of personal favorites recreated and adapted to utilize the best of local, high quality and where ever possible organic produce. Billy Ho’s varied menu includes seasonal dishes that suit the temperament and climate, dishes that are enriching in healthful elements; well loved classic dishes, familiar ‘mood’ foods, traditional fare that has been served generation to generation and a compelling range of special dishes that reflect market abundance and freshness.

Served in simple, elegant style with a range of imported wines, craft beers and cocktails, fresh juices, teas and high quality locally roasted and ground coffee, Billy Ho initially opens for dinner from 16:00pm to 24:00am.

Ametis Villa Bali in house guest may savor Billy Ho’s dining selection in the comfort of their own villa with privacy from 12:00 to 24:00. Breakfast as well as carefully curated private dining experiences is delivered from the Billy Ho’s kitchen by personal butler.

Our Canggu Villa encourages guests to embrace the gentle pace of the village and find peace in the beauty of our home, while presenting to them the very best Bali can offer in dining, wellbeing and enriching experiences.

For more information and reservations, please send inquiry to or call +62 361 844 5567.


About Ametis Villa Bali

Opened on 9th March 2011, Ametis Villa Bali is a luxury lifestyle Villa with a home-style hospitality that will make you feel like you truly belong. Named after a precious jewel “Amethyst”, Ametis Villa is all about creating and enriching guest experiences where each stay results in a collection of precious memories to last an entire lifetime.

It is located in Canggu, where is a preferred destination for savvy travelers seeking an alternative to the urban sprawl of neighbouring Seminyak and the perfect base from which to explore the island of Bali at a relaxed pace. Each villa has been designed as a modern sanctuary showcasing tasteful elements of Balinese architecture. Meticulous attention to detail, customized furnishing and signature amenities embody the magic of Ametis.  Every guest is assigned a personal butler who excels in the singular ability to anticipate all conceivable needs, and to exceed every expectation.

To disconnect from the outside world, take time out with spa rituals at Ruby Spa, designed reverse the effects of your fast-paced lifestyle. Various dining experiences designed by the culinary team of Billy Ho are available to enrich the stay.

Conceived, built and managed with integrity, Ametis Villa is respectful of Bali’s unique cultural heritage, seeks to interact with the local community and shows sensitivity towards the immediate environment

About Will Meyrick

One of Southeast Asia’s most respected culinary maestros, Will Meyrick, the culinary director behind the Sarong Group.

Chef Will Meyrick is a self-described ‘Street Food Chef’ and spends many hours working alongside the real grandmothers and great-grandmothers who taught him all they know. All the restaurants that he manages are inspired by the richness of Southeast Asian flavors. All of then recipes he been gathered from the streets of many regions throughout Southeast Asia. He always tries his best to keep the taste of every dish authentic.

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