Bali Cultural Ceremony and Ritual | Ametis Villa Bali’s Odalan

Bali is renowned for its bright and richly cultural ceremonies, and any visitor who spends more than a few days on the island will be certain to see some kind of temple festival, a colorful procession, or might be a ritual. There are also numerous island-wide religious festivals to mark sacred days according to the Balinese calendar, together with family rituals such as birth celebrations, tooth filing ceremonies, weddings and cremations.

The Odalan itself, or temple anniversary celebration, is a lavish ceremony commemorating the founding of the temple, and as each Odalan date varies from one temple to another. All kinds of religious icons and precious objects, parasols, effigies, and huge ‘wayang landung’ puppets are paraded around the temple in a feast of bustle and colour, while decorations ranging from the bizarre to the brilliant adorn the temple walls. The women create astonishing temple offerings in the form of soaring pyramids of fruit, rice cakes and flowers, ornamented with coconut-leaf decorations. These are brought to the temple in long and spectacular processions with the women carrying the offerings on their heads.

On 30th of August 2018, Ametis Villa Bali celebrate The Odalan, all of department has involved to create a pyramid of fruit, we called as “Gebogan”. The day before, all of staff sends one of them to do cleaning blitz around the villa area. At the end of the ceremony they pick up the offerings and bring them home to share them with their family.

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